23 years ago adopted bear actually lives with his benevolent family as a tamed pet.

The most generally perceived pets saw as man’s closest friends and cats.

Anyway, certain people like to have amazing pets, as this lovely couple from Russia. Their choice of pet is outstanding. It’s a cuddly, titanic gritty hued bear, named Stepan.

This wild, but limited bear lives with his owners Yuriy and Svetlanna. The couple embraced the bear, when he was around 3-4-month-old whelp.

A couple of trackers found him disconnected in the woods. He was in a horrible state, with the objective that no one believed he could make due.

In any case, by virtue of Yuriy and Svetlanna, the little youngster made due, yet at a similar saw as a super durable spot to live.

They permitted Stepan a second chance of life and, embracing him, started to manage him. It was quite a while ago.

As of now, Stepan is a monstrous, energetic, truly bear, who is all around arranged and treasures people.

Notwithstanding, certain people dread him, figuring he might be risky and powerful, yet his owners shield, he has never snacked anyone.

They even gaze at the TV all together sitting on the love seat.

Every day this gigantic animal eats around 25 kg vegetables, natural items, eggs and fish.

He is a merry, euphoric, goliath pet, who inside his soul is at this point a youth.

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