See what happened about New Jersey Police Bloodhound who found hundreds of missing people and tracked down criminals.

Remi was the « missing’s life saver » and a diplomat for her variety. « Remi is amazing, not exclusively being an astonishing following canine that brought so many home and provided a sense of finality in the most disastrous of conditions, yet additionally by overcoming any barrier between policing the local area on almost a regular routine, » composed Nichols.

Last week he got destroying news about his devoted accomplice. Remi was determined to have metastatic pancreatic disease. She went through her last days being ruined by her family and passed on in the arms of Nichols early Sunday morning.

The sad news was shared on the office’s Facebook page. « With the heaviest of hearts, we share the overwhelming news that our cherished K9 Remi died the beginning of today. We’ll cherish you and miss you everlastingly our Remi Girl. »

She passed on a K9 legend and won’t ever be neglected. The people group and others who had the pleasure to work close by K9 Remi sent their sympathies.

He proceeded to say, « There is an opening in our souls that won’t ever be filled and our family is perpetually different. We miss her horribly as of now… « 

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