How the dog changed the family’s life is amazing.

Dogs have unique senses. Even, it turns out they can predict illnesses.

One example is Anna Gabi, who overcame her illness due to her dog.One cold day of winter Anna Gabi was ill and she came early from job and slept.

The dog put its head on Anna’s chest where the cancer was. He helped Anna to realize that there was cancer around the chest.The dog was smelling that area till the woman decided to apply to the doctor.

The woman had surgery to remove the cancer. After that incident, the woman loved his dog very much and gave affection to him. That day changed the woman’s point of view for the better.

After some time from that incident, another wonderful moment happened.

At about 3 a.m. on an extremely cold night in september 2005, the dog saved a man who was Anna Gabi’s husband.

The dog began touching his chest. At first, he ignored the unpleasant annoyance and continued sleeping.

Next time he noticed a strange smell from their flat.Robert awakened his wife, and they both felt the gas smell filling the flat with fumes.

The firefighters later told the couple that if the family had left the flat 10 minutes later they could have exploded in flames.

The evidence shows that the dog has reliable feelings which can even save a human’s life.

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