There were different sets of eyes looking at the man. The cats were helpless, they caught a cold. This scene is so exciting.

Ruddy likes helping her kid set her camp. They have a favorite place, which is a small hideaway.

The last time they visited there, they admired seeing another scene.

Ruddy and her child arrived at their campsite to find a lone feline prowling through the woods. Ruddy’s child met the adorable kitten as he was setting up his campsite.

Ruddy had a feeling the feline would accompany them home after the camp outing.

They ate in their tent while the small cat climbed over it to see its new companions, and when supper time arrived, they took care of whatever was left.

Ruddy returned to his tent quickly, but he did not remain long. It got up to inspect the situation and waved the light.

There were only different sets of eyes looking at him.

The cats were helpless, they caught a cold and needed help. This scene was really exciting.

Ruddy and her family have decided to adopt each of the cats and are overjoyed to be able to give them the loving homes they deserve.

At the end, the cats have found their owners and lived happily.

The woman and her child have ended up rescuing a pack of cats.

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