How the dog showed its loyalty. It is so insightful.

There are lots of stories that show how dogs guarded their owners after their deaths.

Many books and movies have been written about loyal and doting dogs. One of the loyal dogs is Roy living in Scotland.

A man found it near its death, took it home and took care of it and healed the dog.

The dog was getting better day by day. In return, the dog responded faithfully.

Every day, Roy was waiting for his master at the same bus stop without moving until he got off the bus, at a time when Scotland was being bombed almost every day.

One day Roy’s owner did not return. Roy stood at the bus stop at the same time every day and waited for the owner to return.

Everyone got off the bus and its owner did not. Spent 6 years like this.

The dog was sad but did not lose its hope of returning to its owner.

News of Roy’s spread throughout Scotland and began to be published in journals.

It was awarded lots of medals, but all it wanted was the return of its friend.

This story shows the dog’s true loyalty.

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