How a stray cat fell in love with a dog.

Many people consider animals to be more than ordinary pets.

When a dog arrived, everything in this family changed. Since the couple bought a puppy, their lives have changed wholly.

Puppy’s owner was convinced that the dog was quite active. When the puppy arrived at their home it was big happiness.

The new kitty lived in front of the neighbor’s garage. As a consequence, it decided to go for a stroll with the dog.

The animal was really sociable and showed no fear of the dog. The kitten loved playing with the puppy.

It was constantly looking forward to the puppy coming out to play and snuggle with it.

The owner knew their friend would be waiting for them when they went for a walk.

The cat and the dog formed a unique bond. They loved each other.

It grew increasingly more difficult to separate friends the longer it took.

The owner discovered the kitten waiting for them in the rain when it started to rain one day.

It was difficult to maintain composure when staring at it.

According to the owners, the cat purred for three days.

They do not have any idea what that meant. It might be related to excitement or joy.

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