How the man saved a dog from death and gave birth to puppies.

A resident of the city of South Africa accidentally heard about a poor dog in the city shelter. The dog was already being prepared for euthanasia.

Nicky used to have a dog from a shelter, but the dog died of cancer and Nicky’s friend, Annie, knew that the guy was very worried about the loss of the dog.

That was the reason that Annie told him about a shelter dog that was about to be euthanized.

Nicky rushed to the shelter to see the dog as he was worried about the dog.

When Nicky saw Bike, his heart sank. But he did not imagine that this was the dog that would change his life for the better.

After some time, Bike soon got into Nicky’s house. Nicky took Bike under his care.

He managed to do everything for it. And a little later, the boy found out that Bike was pregnant.

Bike was already pregnant when it entered the shelter, but no one knew about it.

Nicky agreed to take care of its puppies as well. Furthermore, this did not affect his decision to keep Bike at home.

With his girlfriend, Nicky went to the store and bought all necessary things for keeping the little puppies at home: special food, vitamins, toys, bedding.

Bike soon gave birth to healthy puppies. 

Nicky took care of Bike and its puppies and he loved them very much.

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