The zoo’s critically endangered monkey population has witnessed an uptick with the birth of a slew of adorable newborns

There are six squirrel monkey infants at a wildlife sanctuary.

The number of monkeys under the care of zookeepers has increased as a consequence of this exciting development.

The zoo now includes 24 gorillas, six of which are new additions to the collection. For the following fourteen days, the newborn monkeys will stay with their mother to ensure their protection.

Over the next two weeks, their mums will cling to them like miniature knapsacks as they leap around their performance.

Monkeys are more likely to be found in hot and humid areas.Their size makes them the tiniest primates in the world.

Because there are so few of these creatures left in the wild, they were classified as « strictly endangered » in 2021 and will stay such until further notice.

This was mostly due to adverse weather conditions at the time. Many factors contribute to the extinction of a species, including the pet trade.

Australian authorities have created an app that allows people to report unusual occurrences in nature. As a result of this effort, squirrel monkeys have received the advantages.

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