Kittens learn to confide in people when they know they are being cared for

A litter of five kittens was discovered outdoors and transported to the shelter.

To help the cats rest and decompress from their stressful lives, Kelssey, a volunteer, built a peaceful and serene setting with lots of food.

Cats with unique patterns on their bodies were roughly a month old.

Huddled in a corner of their little chamber, they fought to keep each other safe and healthy.

All at once, the cats started coming out of their cocooned selves. A little cat’s bravery in approaching Kelssey and trusting her led the rest of them to follow suit.

In only a few short weeks, these formerly apprehensive little cats have blossomed into cheerful, courageous, and warm furballs.

After gaining their confidence, the cats are spending more time in their playpen than ever before.

The kittens will no longer be exposed to the elements.

As a result, they are prospering in the refuge and reaching new heights as a result.

In a month and a half, they’ll be as loved as inside cats and able to watch them with excitement.

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