They didn’t know it at the time, but their most memorable cat would also be the one that would never leave the new shelter

The crew didn’t know that. Found in a nursery shed, the cat had extensive wounds on each of its four limbs.

In the aftermath of the accident, the man dragged himself to the shed and sought medical attention.

If he hadn’t been found and hurried to a vet straight away, he just had a few hours to live.

‘Our official brought him to the vet. The shelter’s director said in a statement: ‘He was the first critter we accepted to the sanctuary, and he has been in our attention ever since.’

Due to the seriousness of the feline’s illness, therapy and rehabilitation were prolonged.

When he was well enough to leave the refuge, he was positively beaming. To keep him from leaving, the staff decided to make him their kitten of the month.

They couldn’t bear to leave him behind after everything he had been through.

Since then, the cat has become something of a local celebrity, joyfully greeting everyone who enters the shelter’s gates.

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