While her two pups were lying on her tummy, it seemed like the mother bear was engaged in some kind of yoga

A remarkable photograph has been captured of a mother bear feeding her two cubs while extending all four paws in the process.

Renee Doyle, a photographer living in Australia, traveled to the Lake Clarke Nature Reserve in Alaska to photograph bears in their natural environment.

During her search for photo subjects, the photographer happened to come upon the mother bear and her two recently born cubs by chance.

The bear and his cubs were playing in the water on the lake’s beach. The mother then sat on her back as her cubs clambered on top of her to drink from her nipples.

This was a rare opportunity for the mother bear to take a breather, as she spent the rest of the day keeping an eye on her kids and playing with them, as well as teaching them and making sure they were secure.

The bear chose to extend her paws as she was relaxing, providing the photographer with some extremely uncommon and successful photos in which she seems to be practising yoga.

Her vigilance was unflinching even as she watched the scene around her. I felt a rush of adrenaline since I was so near to the action. In the bush, I have a lot of fun shooting. »

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