The cute dog’s human-like features captivate the attention of onlookers everywhere

It’s because of his distinctive appearance that Norri has become an internet star.

As a result of this, people try to make the dog’s face seem like that of an actual person.

No one is startled by the presence of Norri, according to his guardians.

Even if his face and eyes have grown less constant as he has aged, we are nevertheless impressed by how genuine they look.’

People would stop and comment on how much he resembled an actual person, the owner said.

As he gets older, people are less likely to relate his look to that of a person.’

A Norri Instagram account was created by the dog’s owners and is used to share images of the dog.

Users have been remarking on how he looks like a person or inquiring about his eyes, and the owner claims this is where they receive all of their feedback.

Because the pet was so popular in internet entertainment, the pair said they were OK with it.

Last year, we decided to get another dog for Norri,’ the owner said.In contrast to the poodle’s human look, the new pet’s backdrop is a lot darker.’

Isn’t he the cutest and most unusual puppy ever?

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