The small dwarf rabbit and his four-times his size beloved share an adorable and wonderful relationship

For the first time in history, Romeo and Lily Sunshine became inseparable after discovering each other in a huge Flemish rabbit named Lily Sunshine.

In the Covelli family, Romeo and Lily are well-known for their Instagram posts.

Romeo and Lily, according to their keepers, spend the most of their time and sleep together.

At first, they are taken aback by Lily’s bulk, but they’re floored when they find Romeo standing next to her. » In the words of Sarah Covelli:

She refers to Romeo as « little hubby » in jest.

Lily made her initial appearance in the Covelli household, whereas Romeo joined them much later.

Lily is a very peaceful and balanced young girl who allows Romeo to sleep next to her and accompany her everywhere she goes.

Romeo, on the other hand, is quite intelligent and enjoys running and jumping.

At the same time, he is courageous and will go to Lily’s side if something threatens him.

The owner of Romeo and Lily’s rabbits has not yet commented on the possibility of progeny.

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