Having a baby donkey affects the life of a high school student and the donkey

Every person’s life is filled with ups and downs, some good and some negative.

An eighth-grader from Texas had no clue that Payton Dankworth would soon become a mother, and that motherhood would be that of a little donkey.

When Donkey Jack was only a few days old, he was rejected by his mother because he was too little and feeble.

Payton was asked if she wanted a live toy by the farmer, who had no time to play with the infant.

The child had previously taken riding lessons, liked foals, and discussed her desire to purchase a horse.

He didn’t clarify whether he meant it to be a joke or the reality, but said plainly, « Either accept it or it’ll go to meat. »

Every two hours, he has to have milk in a bottle given to him. He’s terrified of everything, yet he also pokes his nose into everything out of sheer curiosity.

One of the Payton dogs or a soft toy is the only thing the donkey will sleep without.

His « mother » is, of course, his number one priority.

It was necessary for Payton to alter the school calendar so that she could make it home not just for lunch.

Fortunately, she’s already in college, so she’s an adult. She is, in reality, a very different person now that she’s caring for Jack.

Payton has always had a soft spot for animals, and she now plans to devote her life to helping them.

She plans to adopt another animal from a shelter, maybe a cat, in addition to her dogs and donkey.

She is unquestionably powerful enough to handle any animal.

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