She fought till the end, despite the fact that she was losing the use of her rear legs, to ensure the safety of her offspring

This power to adapt and overcome seemingly impossible challenges never fails to astound us, even in the face of the most traumatic events.

There are four-legged street fighters that combat every day until they are drained of energy.

What they are prepared to undertake for the cubs’ sake should be legendary as well.

There is also the story of a mother dog that risked her own life to defend her puppies. As a consequence, this dog has become a worldwide sensation on the Internet.

Let me introduce you to Shiba. Irresponsible owners gave up on their pets and abandoned them to fend for themselves in the wild.

After that, her life became a living hell. She was left with no hind limbs when she was crushed under the rails, and her survival was nothing short of a miracle.

Then, Shiba gave birth to four cubs, and she did all she could to care for and protect them. Mother and cubs traveled to the city station every day looking for food.

The cubs did not stray from their mother, who they constantly followed with their tail.

It was impossible for the volunteers to stay unmoved by the presence of the dog. Shiba and her young were captured despite their best attempts.

Unfortunately, only two canines made it out of the incident alive, and one of them was in a critical condition.

He was, on the other hand, totally recovered. Despite the lack of paws, the dog seems to be in perfect condition. It wasn’t long before the mother and her youngster found loving homes.

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