Beautiful friendship between a blind Great Dane and a little Chihauhaha that moves the hearts of all those who witness it

Despite their very different sizes, this odd pair remained close despite their contrasts in personality and bulk.

Shelby the dog and Chihuahua Bianca the chihuahua have been together virtually since the baby was born, and they strive not to split.

Shirley Zindler, an animal rights activist who founded the Dogwood Animal Rescue refuge in Sebastopol, California,met the couple.

Twelve dogs dwell at Shirley’s house, including those she owns and those she temporarily housesits.

In early November, Shirley had a visit from Bianca. After the death of her mother during delivery, the puppy’s owners resorted to the lady for aid.

Shelby, a three-year-old observer, sat with her parents as they started to bottle-feed Bianca.

« When Bianca grew older, she started interested in Shelby and it was really sweet, » said the owner of the dogs.

A Chihuahua’s mother was substituted by Shelby:

« It is crucial that pups grow up with their mother and be among other dogs, » Shelby said on her Facebook page.

She doesn’t have a mom, but Shelby has developed an emotional attachment to Bianca. »

Their personalities are also quite different.

The dog’s owner described him as « calm and adorable » while also describing him as « playful. » I don’t know about you, but I’m terrified of the Chihuahua! These two are a fantastic match for one other!

Having two dogs of entirely different sizes play together is a rare occurrence.  »

Bianca has already found a new house, so the couple will have to depart.

Her closest buddy was there for the first several days, so that’s something.

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