This woman was shocked to see her own small kitten embracing another cat on the street

Upon arrival at his new home, this kitty seemed remarkably relaxed.

According to his owner, « He was evidently pretty nice with people. » Most outdoor cats at that age are still untamed, so I was astonished to see this.

In the end, Pick, and the two became friends. Approximately nine years ago, Scott took in Pick.

Scott insisted on keeping the cat as a pet in the home, but she could see he was nervous about the idea.

‘He was always in hiding, he never came out,’ Scott said.

It wasn’t long until he was free to roam the yard at his leisure.

He had a total metamorphosis.

Scott had underestimated the extent of Garry’s health issues.

He was rushed to the vet as soon as possible. Pick was delighted to see Garry after a difficult few days.

Now that Pick is feeling much better, he wants to remain close to Garry to keep him company. Scott went on to say, ‘He’s keeping his mouth shut about it.

You can see he is not paying attention to him at all. For Scott, the future seems bright for them.

With Garry starting to prepare Pick as a thank you for the courtesy.

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