Find out what the « Satan bird » looks like with love on its feathers

Contrary to common perception, this magnificent and mystifying owl seems like something from a dream.

If you’ve never seen one before, it’s an intimidating-looking flying predator known as the timberland hawk owl.

A common feature of these owls is their earthy eyes, which are virtually level on the bulk of them.

Many hearts seem to be emblazoned on the snow-white plumes due to the very black patterns.

In the forests of South and Southeast Asia, these owls may be found in large numbers.

For the most part, the species is famous for its strange call, which mimics the cry of a person.

In Sri Lanka, it is referred to as Ulama, which translates to « Devil Bird. »

For the most part, they are nocturnal creatures that spend much of their time hiding in the woods during the day.

Owls seek tiny warm-blooded worms, reptiles, and birds in the twilight, when they are at their most energetic.

With its great strength and stunning looks, this owl is a fearsome adversary.

The winter months of December to March are when they construct their tree hollow houses.

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