When a stray dog disrupts a wedding, it becomes viral

Weddings are often ruined by unwanted guests or a greedy bartender. Despite this, a stray dog interrupted a wedding.

An outdoor ceremony was held in So Paulo in Brazil for Marlia and Matheus’s wedding to one another.

They and their guests sought refuge from the storm beneath an awning.

However, there was one dog that had sought shelter near the altar from the storm.

The dog returned just as the bride and groom were getting ready to exchange vows, and brazenly laid on Marlia’s veil.

Only Marlia was unaffected by the events that had occurred.

You’re going to a wedding? The girl says so.

Marlia was overjoyed, since she is a huge animal lover.

After the wedding, the dog they were meant to get disappeared. They went all around town seeking for a dog in the hopes of finding him.

They finally found it after a long hunt! Snoop was adopted by Marlia and Matheus.

« I cleaned him up! » He slept well on their first night together. Marlia replies, « He seems to be content. »

Our hearts are racing, and we can’t contain our happiness.

Snoop gets credit for securing a safe haven from the weather.

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