A gang of stray cats adjust to their new surroundings and get used to their new home

Seeing cats from a man’s yard in the home for the first time was horrifying.

Giving everyone their own room with a view to the outdoors was one of my favorite concepts.

The owner decided to create a separate play area for his cats just a few months ago.

Porthos, D’Artagnan and his fiancée, Zoom and Junior the Momcat all featured in this episode. The Big Head also appeared.

These cats have been living in your garden for years, but they’ve never been inside your home.

The kittens, despite being kept outside, have never gone hungry and have received all the attention they need.

Since he was a youngster, the man has always had a dog and two indoor cats to call his own.

They could utilize the enormous space at whatever time they chose thanks to his smart concept of building an outdoor-accessible room.

We created a space for our dogs to run about in by constructing a wall between the basement and the rest of the home.

He made a spate of charming small cottages for the cats in the new community he created for the felines.

On the wall, he placed photographs of cats and food bowls to decorate.

As soon as the guy opened the door and invited them inside the house to check out their new surroundings, they were all buzzing with joy.

The vast majority of people entered and started exploring, but a few others stood back and seemed hesitant.

Having endured a lengthy journey, all of the kittens have now arrived at their new home.

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