The dog that narrowly escaped death in Ukraine has returned to his home and is staying with his deceased best friend

In Bucha, Ukraine, a German shepherd narrowly averted execution by being shot in the head.

The patio of the home had already claimed the lives of three neighbors and a second dog.

This dog survived and has refused to leave his deceased friend’s side ever since.

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry posted a frightening photo of a dog on Twitter, showing its devotion to its master.

Bucha. This courtyard claimed the lives of three humans and a dog. Fortunately, the other pastor was able to make it out alive.

After a long absence, the dog is back and he doesn’t flinch when he sees his deceased comrade.

Many Twitter users were moved by the images and wondered whether the dog might find any kind of rescue or refuge.

The dog can be seen sleeping close to the corpse of his companion in a cart that is parked nearby. ‘

« Is there anybody who can provide this dog with a safe haven and some kind of care? » In addition to seeming disturbed and concerned about the other (dead) dog, he also seems to be in need of a veterinarian’s attention.

The qualities of love, loyalty, and friendship are particularly lacking among Russians.

When a Russian serviceman was accused of slaughtering an animal, another user commented that the animal was « more compassionate » than troops in the Russian military, in reference to claims of brutality by Russian soldiers.

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