According to the Yorkshire Terrier who belongs to her owner, she is suffering from breast cancer

Despite the fact that she was only 11 years old, Bella Boo swiftly acquired a penchant for sleeping on her owner’s breast rather than on the couch.

Even when the owner drove her away, she refused to sleep at the woman’s residence.

To her disbelief, Karen decided to take her dog to the vet because of the canine’s strange behavior.

Even though the veterinarians declared Bella was alright, she became even more bizarre following her trip to the clinic.

The dog started to leap on the owner’s chest, resulting in great pain and anguish for the owner.

As the ache became worse, I began to believe that a bruise had formed on my chest due of Bella’s bouncing. Karen says that she discovered a large lump when she pressed on the area that was hurting her.

The lady went to the hospital after seeing a lump, and physicians diagnosed her with breast cancer.

I had no notion dogs could detect cancer in humans. However, once the tumor was removed, Bella resumed sleeping in the same posture « The mother’s words were heard.

Karen makes recommendations to pet owners. to be on the lookout for any unusual behavior shown by their pets.

Think about it if you see your pet acting in an unusual manner. It’s common for animals to be overlooked. It’s true, though, that they’re really fascinating creatures « Karen adds her two cents.

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