One of the world’s most endangered cats was spotted wandering in the snow as a little kitten

In the Cairngorms National Park, Pete McNab, his friend Piotr, and their son Alistair were hiking when a herd of sheep blocked their way.

As he made his way through the swarm of animals, the guy observed a little cat huddled against the snow, obviously terrified.

Pete’s buddy Piotr had to carry the foundling beneath his jacket for many hours since he was so chilly he couldn’t stand on his paws.

The kitten was identified as a Scottish Wildcat kitten.

In order to find the cat a new home, Piotr has already begun the search.

And if he couldn’t find one, he was prepared to take care of the animal. However, things have significantly altered.

The veterinarian was taken aback when he discovered Piotr had managed to conceal the animal inside his jacket, according to Piotr.

A few days later, the kitten, who had already been given the name Huntleigh, succumbed to frostbite and died of his injuries.

Huntley’s narrative had a profound effect on his rescuers.

Pete and Piotr, who were saddened by the loss of the animal, decided to gather money for a foundation devoted to protecting wild cats.

Almost 7,000 pounds have been raised as a result of the men’s appeal to the community.

As part of the Royal Zoological Society’s breeding program for the Scottish Forest Wildcat, Pete’s philanthropic activity was also recognized.

As a result of his account about the kitten, a member of their staff got in touch with him and stated they were going to ramp up fundraising efforts in order to create the program.

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