You’re going to want to learn more about Miss Bones, the dog that is obsessed with her beloved « chair »

Numerous dog lovers were pleased by a recent joke published on the Dogspotting Society’s Facebook page, which is dedicated to dog owners and dog fans in general.

Patti Sue, a resident of Fort Worth, Texas, and the book’s author, is a female.

On social media, she shared pictures of her two pitbulls, Cooper and Miss Bones, as part of a contest dubbed the « Weird Dog Challenge. »

Patti often uploads images of dogs on her social media accounts, but never before have they been so popular.

The problem is that, for whatever reason, Miss Bones decided that conventional pillows were not sufficient for her and started to cuddle on her brother Cooper’s shoulders.

Either she would stomp on him with her buttocks or she will jump on top of him with her whole body.

And judging by her happy expression, she seems to be totally content with her current situation — something that cannot be said for poor Cooper.

That is all that needs to be said about his expression.

The sad dog was unable to withstand the pressure from his sister and ended up being Miss Bones’ favorite « chair. »

Patti’s message instantly gained attention from users, garnering almost ten thousand likes in a short period of time.

It was discovered that Miss Bones is not the only pet that enjoys sitting on the back of another dog.

Following the post, people proceeded to post their own images, demonstrating that this is something that occurs worldwide.

‘Is it an effort to demonstrate supremacy or a display of callous tenderness?’

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