A stray cat is ill and loses her ears; she is gifted with a lovely crocheted set and a permanent home

People always pay attention to pets that have very unique features, whether they were born with them or learned them as a result of trauma.

At the very least, this cat cannot be ignored.

Due to medical complications, she was left without ears, but kind-hearted individuals tied new ones for her.

A woman in a fur coat was in critical condition when she arrived at the shelter.

Her ear flaps had to be excised during procedure.

Although, sanctuary say that she can hear better now than she could before, which isn’t bad. Because her ear canals had been blocked by repeated infections.

Then she was fitted with ears!

Lady is absolutely seductive when she is accompanied by them.

Despite her difficulties, Lady is a sociable and friendly cat that will provide a lot of delight to her new household.

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