The happiness of a dog after being free from the heavy chain

Even though some individuals feel that a chain is helpful and light to tie a dog, the fact of the matter is totally another and surprisingly hazardous. Certain chains can be exceptionally weighty as they are made of a solid metal material and their weight differs relying upon their size and thickness.

In any case, it appears that not all know this, taking into account any the case with this dog, which had a extremely heavy chain tied around her neck, in spite of the fact that it was loose, its weight did not allow her to perform different activities.

Fortunately, a group of volunteers found out about the pup’s situation and came to help her.

When volunteers saw that the dog was moving so difficult because of the chain, they decided to do something at that time. But at that moment the dog started to bark, because she didn’t understand at first that volunteers are going to help her.

One of the volunteers suggested to give a sandwich to a dog, which maybe would help them to go closer to dog.

What’s more indeed, it was a decent decision. It worked. They took the canine to the safe house.

The chain was weighty to such an extent that it weighed practically equivalent to the canine, fortunately, she would soon be free from suffering.Thanks to one of the rescuers, finally  the chains were taken off her neck,

Now dog can feel what a real freedom is.

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