Rescued gorilla hugging a keeper who saved her life

An officers saved little gorilla, Coco from the woodland in 2011. Coco became famous around the earth for a charming selfie where she is accompanied by two officers.

She was left an orphan due to a group of local militias who were chasing after meat from wild creatures, annihilated her entire family.

She was very young when all this happened, so the officers took her to the center take care of her.

Sadly, her life was extinct, but the friendly gorilla spent her last moments in the arms of her keeper and whoever saved her as a baby.

Shortly after Coco was rescued from the woodland, she met Karim Bazik, one of the keepers of the orphanage. During her first night apart from her mom, Coco never walked out from him.

Coco was too vulnerable to return to nature, and in the park she had a good life, she quickly created great bonds with the people who took care of her.

Especially with Karim, they became good friends from the first moment they met.

Although Coco is passed away, the truth is that her keeper will not never forget her. And all of his attempts to give her an additional opportunity and a blissful life will proceed, and his work to keep suggesting love to orphaned gorillas as her will not stop.

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