Friends found a dog while boating

While John Brown and his friends sailing off the bank of Florida, something grabbed their eye. There was a strange object in the water, so they decided to slow down and turn around to see what it was.

From afar, they thought it was something left by the tourists but then when they got closer noticed it was a dog.

No one could clarify how the little canine arrived at this place so far from the coast, yet it was clear that he was battling for his life.

Without hesitation, one of the friends decided to jump into the water, caught the dog and carried it to the boat to safety.

Another friend recorded the precise moment of the rescue and decided to post it on social media.

They noticed that dog had identification plate and a family data. They call to report and in the middle of the phone they hears a cry.

It turned out the dog’s family lost him while boating. They didn’t notice how he jumped into water, as they thought he was playing and hide on the boat.

Jacky’s story probably could have had another ending, but thanks to the bravery of friends it ended up having a happy ending.

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