Birthday party and surprise for their lovely retriever

Mike and his wife decided to make a surprise to their lovely golden retriever on his birthday to show how much they love him and how important he is.

That day while Jack was having a good time playing in the yard, his loved ones arranged everything inside the house to astonish him.

When Jack entered, everyone present already and turned off the lights, and after a few seconds everyone shouted Surprise!, and Jack was very happy. Jack was jumping and running all the time.

The dog immediately settled into his special place, with a little help from his mother and lots of hugs from his friends and family.

The celebration had a great decoration and a very tasty cake for dogs that Jack undoubtedly thoroughly enjoyed, and of course everyone took many photos with the charming furry.

Fred’s family knew that many might think celebrating their beloved pet’s birthday was over the top, but that didn’t really bother them; they love Jack madly and don’t mind showing it.

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