Kitten who was famous for wearing cute socks to protect her chest

A little gray cat was taken to rescue center where he would have chance to have a home and better life. Once the cat got to the center volunteers noticed a deformity in his chest.

Volunteers were doing everything for the small creature. Little cat was eating everything he had on his plate and absorbing all the love his caregiver.

Following his visit to the vet, they were able to diagnose him with deformity of the chest wall. He would require a medical procedure to address this issue, as his condition was considered quite serious.

For a few days, the kitten wore a cast that looked like a tiny corset to help her chest grow the right way.

In a short time, and thanks to the necessary care, cat was on his feet and ready to play. This kitty didn’t let anything stop him from the fun that awaited him.

They named the cat Onio. He is very close to Line, they enjoy playing and running together. They became close friends. They were spending a lot of time together all day long.

Now everything is fine with the cat and he enjoys every moment of his life.

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