A kitten who lost one leg surprised everyone with her courage and love to life

A small cat got a second chance at life and ready to overcome all kind of difficulties.  Everyone surprised with her incredible strength.

She was found in a yard with missing part of her legs, had a wound and sad.

A caring individual found the kitten and did not hesitate to ask for help online, as she needed medical attention very urgently.

The fastest way to help the cat was the internet. Fortunately founder of Rescue center saw the publication and without a second though took the cat.

They cleaned the wound, gave food, water, medicine and then wrapped the stump to help it heal.They named the cat Kitty.

Small kitten believed she would be healthy soon, when she felt the love and care of Lara.

She ate all her food until she didn’t leave a drop and moved on her 3 legs. She always shows love to everyone.

At only 5 weeks old, Kitty running perfectly on 3 legs, with playing and climbing any obstacle that came her way.

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