What makes a dog to overcome a fear of snow

In September 2021, John Williams’s family moved into a new house with their small dog Chip. Dog was happiest in their family about this changes as he found a new friend in neighborhood dog named Kit.For the friendly Chip it was love at first sight, and he was so happy to have a four-legged friend to play with all day.

There was a small gate in the back so friends were able to meet and play together whenever they wanted.Every time when Chip went out, he went to meet his friend, say hello and kiss. They never miss the opportunity to do so.They also share their toys over the fence, and sometimes they play tug-of-war over the fence with a wind-up toy.

Nothing could keep them separated, until the snow came. Snow is the only thing that put a distance between them.Chip loved snow too much, meanwhile Kit was not a fan of snow or rain.When it was snowing Kit couldn’t know what to do to see her friend as she couldn’t go out. Dogs were very unhappy.

Chip was heartbroken, he went out to see his friend. He was waiting for her for a long time to come out of her house, obviously he was missing her a lot. The dog did not understand why Kit was not there to greet him as usual, he believed that they had been separated for no reason.

Kit’s parents realized how sad their friend Chip was, so they came up with a plan to help them.

The neighbors decided to clear a path for Kit through the snow from her house to the fence, to make her feel more comfortable. She was very hesitant to do so at first, but she thought of Chip and she did it for him, finally she returned to her usual place and was able to meet up with her friend.

It helps her to love snow and play with her friend. They are truly best friends.

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