The most fashionable dog ever

There are not so many famous dogs in fashion industry. But an Italian dog has become an icon due to winter/autumn coats, suits and many more things. That’s all are not only for keeping the dog warm in cold weather but also staying always fashionable and popular.

Her parents love to dress dog in a very stylish and fashionable clothes. Every outfit that she wears, she makes her really very glamorous, she also has a magnificent collection of handbags that go with her outfits.

Dog  even earns money from her photo shoots; she is quite a professional model.Of course social media has an important role in this. Her photos are wildly spread due to Instagram and Facebook.

She is so professional, she has a lot of collection of photos taken by famous photographers throughout the world. She has a lot of followers on instagram. In her district she has friends with whom she used to play and walk in the evening.

There is no doubt that her style is truly enviable, her collection of coats and handbags is amazing, and many wish they had her grace and wardrobe.

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