Inseparable friendship between dog and cat

The dog who lost his best friend, find a hope and happiness once again later.This story has a happy ending as Jasper and Ollie are inseparable till today.

Jasper is a 7-year-old golden retriever who had the best friend in the world; a ginger cat who died from thyroid cancer. They were indivisible and thus the dog was naturally heartbroken when his friend left him alone.

Days were passing and Jasper couldn’t find his friend. He was very sad and confused. He was looking for Milo everywhere, but useless.Tom  Anderson decided to bring him a new kitten who will help him to overcome these difficulties.

It seems that the problem is solved. It looks like it was love at first sight. Jasper became so attached to the little kitten that he let him cuddle up next to him. The dog was very happy and the kitten too.

The little ball of fur is named Ollie and he is now an adult.

A year has passed and both are inseparable. They were playing and spending much time together.

They have become best friends forever.

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