Fantastic friendship of a donkey and a goose after losing their best friends

Dani had two donkeys in his farm. They were the oldest animals in his farm. He named donkeys Flower and Sax. Donkeys were always together but an accident happened an Sax has passed away.

Donkeys grew up together and it was too difficult for Flower without Sax. They used to each other, they spent the whole day together. Now Flower left without friend. Dani thought  as Flower’s lifelong friend was gone, something bad would happen but  the opposite, beautiful thing has happened and sad loneliness was soon over.

This donkey and a goose became the best of friends. The past year was a very difficult year for donkey, but life is still worth living, as long as he found a new friend. They both lose their lovely friends. Around the same time, a wild goose that had visited the farm with its mate suddenly found itself alone as well.

Instead of flying in search of other horizons or perhaps looking for a female of his own species, Goose chose him as his favorite companion and the donkey as well.

Since then the two have been inseparable, spending their days side by side for the rest of their lives.

« I am so glad they found each other », – thought Dani himself.

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