Clever dog pretended to be dead just to stay in the park longer

A very clever canine who adored strolling in the parks decided to figure out a way to remain in the park longer than they used to stay.

One day when they were in the park and the dog’s mother decided that it was time to return and leave the park, something that Rex did not like, the dog found a rather creative and unique way to delay their return and stay a few moments in the park.

What he did.. He decided to play dead. He was laying more than 15 minutes. He was very clever boy, no doubt.

After a while, without getting her pet to obey her, the woman had no choice but to spend more time in the park with her manipulative partner. The clever dog’s plan had worked, and once he realized he had won this fight, he happily sat up to play.

They were both happy. Dog’s mother was watching how the canine was running and playing and was very satisfied with what he did.

They spent more than 20 minutes playing in the park and then got back in the evening.

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