A Little cat hidden under the car

A little kitten run straight to car and stayed there more than 3 hours before a very kind gentleman saw him. He wouldn’t notice the cat if he didn’t drop his cigarette and picked back.

The gentleman was waiting to check if the mother of the cat would appear,so that he could leave home. But time has passed and no cat appeared.

Unfortunately the kitten was left there alone and helpless.This gentleman was a doctor – David Jones and he was living with his wife Jane Jones.David called his wife asking what to do, and for sure they decided to take the kitten home.Next morning they already took the small creature to VET and everything was fine with it.

They decided to name the cat Loki. Now Loki feels very good in his new family. Every year the same day that Loki was found, they celebrate it as his birthday.They decorate the house, call their friends and make fun all together.

They love so much Loki that decided to make a surprise for him on his birthday. They bring a small new creature to be his friend. Fortunately, they love each other too much.

There is no doubt that cats sometimes find us in ways we never expected.

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