The German Shepherd and the ferret immediately turned out to be dearest companions and presently invest all their energy into playing together

Diana Grib, an occupant of the Lithuanian capital, has for practically forever needed to have various pets. After a long search, Diana chose to get a canine and a ferret, as instances of their companionship are known.

During the time spent preparing, Diana acquainted the dog with different species of the fauna – from parrots to felines, and this fostered a sort of resistance in Nova. Then, at that point, it was the turn of the homegrown ferret: in covers they regularly develop with canines, the young lady had distinctly to pick the cutest one.

The ferret Pacco showed up from Kraków. The principal meeting went without a hitch. Nova became keen on the visitor and followed behind him as he sniffed the new home, not focusing on the neighbor.

Pacco overlooked the canine for two days, however at that point, as indicated by Diana, « the fun started. » The two creatures are extremely inquisitive and energetic. They walk together, share toys and even lay down with one another.

« Once in a while I can’t help suspecting that two canines live here – they are so comparative », – says Diana Grib. Simultaneously, Nova doesn’t possess a prevailing position – unexpectedly, the ferret is the principal character in their pair. Shepherd canine treats the ferret cautiously and gives a lot of attention to it.

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