There is a new family for the donkey just a few hours after his mother gives up on him

It is not uncommon for animals to reject their own offspring.

They either die or find new guardians who can offer them a future in these circumstances.

Animal shelter workers were shocked to discover that an abandoned donkey had given birth to an adorable baby donkey.

Ben the donkey was able to stand on his own two feet just a few hours after he was born.

Predators can’t keep up with herbivore herds because of their genetics. Ben’s mother did not respond to the baby’s cries or pleas for attention. After that, the staff at the shelter made the decision to feed Ben themselves.

When he couldn’t stop wailing, they gave him water and a mixture of baby food and milk every four hours. This is when another donkey came to Jingles’ aid, that was in the adjoining pasture. Jingles’ compassion for Ben became stronger as the donkey wailed. She tapped him on the head with her own.

Eventually, they spent much of their free time together. Third day of life: this happened.
Donkey mother was always there to care for Ben and protect him from the other donkeys at Shelter. The donkey shelter workers say Ben has grown up to be a sweet and kind animal.

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