A stray cat found a new home and quickly gained popularity on social media as a result of his adorable costumes and nature

Every time I read about animals that have found new homes and owners, it brings a smile to my face. Benson’s life, on the other hand, has been transformed by the ingenuity of his new proprietors into a true springboard.

Benson, a formerly stray cat, was adopted and is now content in his new home with his adoptive family. When the previous owners moved to another country, they did not take him with them.

Fortunately, a family from the United States was passing through and noticed the cat, which they decided to take in as their own. His exploits, however, did not come to an end there.

The cat’s owners had the brilliant idea of dressing him up in amusing costumes and posting photographs of him in various poses on Instagram, which has since gone viral. Getting a pair of glasses was the first step, and he took it in stride.

Later on, when the idea of dressing Benson in a costume was floated, he remained composed and collected. In the words of the cat’s owners, « the cat still does not like shoes, but he appears to be comfortable in all other clothing and patiently waits in front of the camera. »

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