Man finds a group of mice living in his yard and constructs an excellent home for them

Some time back, a photographer found out that there were mice in his yard in Sheffield.
Instead of trying to get rid of them, he chose to build a small home for them and take pictures of the mice.

« When I was in the yard taking pictures of the birds, I saw a little running mouse. Looking carefully, I understood that it was a small home mouse and she stood like a meerkat on two legs and took care of the lawn and glanced around. She was so adorable that I promptly realised that she would be the star of my photographs, » said the artist.

Then, at that point, the man sat and watched the mouse run to and fro and bite on the nuts she found. It was then that he felt that he could assemble a more dependable haven or house for the mouse, where she could be safe.

Then he saw another mouse and before long understood that an entire group of mice lived in his yard.
Simon additionally started to give the mice more food so they could make more supplies for the cold weather

Altogether, around 5 mice live in Simon’s yard, including a huge pregnant female named Mildred. By Christmas, Simon desires to renew his mouse town.

As indicated by the man, the mice immediately figured out how to allow him to get exceptionally near them. They just clearly don’t see any harm in him.

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