Dog’s owner thought her pet died two years ago, yet the rescuers found her alive living in the mountains

On one occasion Hope For Paws got a call from Animal Control. They said that a lost dog ​​lives in the mountains, which once in a while comes to private structures to search for food in the garbage.

When they showed up they saw a skinny and scared dog. They realised they needed to do all that they could to help this helpless animal.

Doggie was hungry and obviously she was unable to refuse food. One of the rescuers fed the dog and she started to come nearer and eat it right out of her hands.

Rescuers called her Edna. Later it turned out that she had a chip. They discovered that her owner had given the dog to another family, who clearly disposed of the creature. They informed the past dog that the pet had passed on.

Two years have passed from that point forward! Edna’s first owner was happy that she was as yet alive, yet couldn’t take the dog and asked the rescuers to find her a good home.

The beautiful dog flourished in the shelter and made numerous friends. Half a month after her appearance, Edna was taken on by a family. Edna got an opportunity to begin another life!

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