Lost cat goes to a fire station on a cold day and asks to be let in.

A chaperon at the Steinbach Fire Department in Canada was extremely shocked when he saw a little cat gaze at him from the outside.

« It was an extremely cold evening and she was looking from the window. At the point when one of our firemen headed outside, she ran directly to him. » The cat didn’t move and kept on sitting under the window. Obviously she had no place to go.

Firemen let the cat into the room, thinking that it would freeze outside. The fire chief Kelvin, who previously had four cats at home, took her to his house temporarily. He called her Amber and took her to the vet the following day.

« I posted her photo on Facebook, possibly somebody lost her. However, nobody reacted.

A few firemen wanted to keep Amber in the fire station however nobody would be able to take care of her on off days. Then, at that point, they tried to find an owner for her. « We posted her photos on Facebook and it appears that we’ve found an owner for her, » Kelvin said.

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