Without a cross, overgrown with moss: What Princess Diana’s final resting place looks like.

The burial place looks dismissed and deserted. It gives the impression of a neglected spot. Complete discourtesy to the memory of Diana.

Princess Diana is one of the most adored and famous individuals among Britons to date. Coincidentally, numerous Lady Di fans are shocked that, they say, the princess’ last shelter looks deserted and ignored.

The princess is known to lay on the island of Althorp. Diana’s family favored this region in light of the harmony and calm. Woman Dee’s last resting place is encircled by 36 trees.

In any case, the landmark to Diana has for some time been congested with greenery. Faithful fans comment: « Diana doesn’t actually have a cross. « She merited better ».

« What a great lady she was », « The reason did her friends and family run her last asylum like that? « Compose Internet clients.

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