The relationship between an upbeat dog and a crotchety feline stunned the web.

The freshest odd couple on Instagram is Caesar and Roma. Caesar is a blissful canine, yet Roma whimpers like a feline. The feathery associates manage everything well and love going on experiences together.

Roma seems testy, yet he is the best feline I have at any point experienced; he permits everybody to pet him and offers astonishing snuggles, asserted Liu. The proprietor required a feline, yet he was stressed over Caesar’s response.

Caesar and Roma initially kept away from each other, yet in the end their hesitance gave way to interest. After only one and a half months, the pair had lost their peculiarity. As of now, the pair goes through two hours outside every day investigating new spots with their proprietor, a talented picture taker.

Liu refreshes the couple’s Instagram page with pictures. The crowd appeared to respect the matches’ disparities. Caesar and Roma are routinely seen cuddled up on the lounge chair at home when they’re not out and about.

I love awakening to both of them consistently, and I value considering them to be family; I can’t envision an existence without them, Liu enthused over her sweetheart canines.

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