The dog and the raccoon get along, and the last option behaves like a dog too.

Rima, a caring lady, detected a child raccoon in her yard last year. Rima didn’t see her mom close by since the creature was distant from everyone else. For this reason Rima and her little girl Luna chose to clean and take care of the infant raccoon.

The little raccoon got comfortable with every individual from his family and immediately accustomed to his new environmental elements. The family was so taken with the wild creature that they chose to carry it home and support it with her better half.

Puma found two canines in her new home, which had likewise been obtained by this staggeringly kind and watchful family. It immediately found a typical language with creatures and went gaga for them.

Puma’s proprietor claims she quite often goes with her canines and never leaves them unattended for over a moment.

The youngster, presently developed, is exceptionally curious and consistently searches for his companions. She gets a kick out of the chance to chase after the canines and play with them. Since he regards them and comprehends when to surrender, she isn’t inconsiderate to her companions. What do you think about animals?

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