The dark seal is given a giant ice fish cake for his 31st birthday and the photos show his charming response.

What’s more, as per the staff of the English hold Cornish Seal Sanctuary, creatures likewise merit such consideration.

For the 31st birthday, they gave a giant fish cake to a dim seal named Tika.

There were lots interesting periods in Tika’ life, for which he can be appreciative to individuals.

Be that as it may, soon the association was shut, and the workers had to deliver the seal into nature.

The issue was that Tika couldn’t get his own food, as he has the opportunity to react in nature.

Tika begun swimming to the people. He wanted them to take care of him.

Thus, protests from individuals from the general population started to come in consistently and the neighborhood creature government assistance association recovered Tika.

Now Tika is 31 years of age, and this is a genuinely huge date not just for the staff of the hold.

Truthfully the seals live 25 years on average.

Nonetheless, a gift for his 31st birthday made him happy and suprised.

The photos show with what delight the seal takes this fish cake.

In any case, Tika actually needed to contemplate how to receive the fish in return.

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