Doggy went to the salon with mother and was ready for a hair style like a human. It was interesting to see the scene.

There was a time when the owners of the dog decided to make their dog beautiful. First, their dog was anxious about the hairstyle. After some time, the dog got used to it. It was interesting that the family decided to take care of the dog.

They took their dog to the barber sAll clients were extremely satisfied that Lunar was in the salon. While the mother was doing her hair, the guests were glad to keep an eye on the little guy.

After the hair style and styling, the owner chose to sit Luka in the seat.

Since the pet looks awesome, obviously, nobody will trim his hair. Furthermore, the beautician simply professed to trim his hair, tenderly waving the scissors. The dog was silent and was unhappy. After some time, she felt comfortable. Everybody around took a gander at the pup happily, and he partook in everybody’s consideration.

After such a superb day, the owners are happy and delighted with the doggy.

The appearance of the dog was really attractive and the dog was happy to be surrounded with love and happiness. The relatives were amazed with the dog. What do you think about Lunar?



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