Astonishing sight: the greatest ocean turtle on the planet washes aground on the shore.

Ponder this stunning scene: a gigantic leatherback turtle rises up out of the sea to sun itself on the sand. The greatest of these animals, leatherback turtles are recognized from its kin species by their shortfall of a hard shell.

The name of the species comes from the toughness that covers their backs. At the point when now is the ideal time to reproduce, these mammoths just cooperate with different species. They in any case meander alone.

They lay their eggs on the sand, very much like any remaining turtles do, and when their young portal, they swim off to the ocean without anyone else. These turtles would dive deep to assemble jellyfish and consume them since they can endure cold temperatures.


Bigger than those of standard leatherback turtles, these turtles’ gigantic balances might arrive at lengths of multiple meters.

Finding these creatures is extremely intriguing in light of the fact that it shows the lavishness of our normal world. You can see the enormous assortment of sizes, sorts, and types of different species, however even one, in them, and we as people ought to endeavor to treat them with more regard.

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