The blind rescued elephant got warm greetings. It was Touching moment.

Natural life with its astonishments won’t ever stop respecting individuals.

This time, the object of awe is the capacity of sympathy of elephants, which was presented by elephant group to their new safeguarded blind elephant companion at the asylum.

Ploy Thong has spent her 30 years in a bazaar. She needed to convey vacationers on her back each day, strolling in the city in Thailand.

The elephant however is visually impaired, she could move riders relentless from morning till the night, thus consistently during her whole life.

Ploy involved her trunk as a direction by meandering in the city.

However, one lovely day, her miserable past finished with a blissful salvage by the workers of The Save Elephant Foundation.

She started another life at the Elephant Nature Park, turning into another occupant of that safe-haven.

How the elephant crowd invited Ploy is so unbelievable and contacting.

Blind elephant didn’t actually anticipate such a warm hello by her new elephant companions.

They contacted her with their trunks, showing her empathy and warmth.

Obviously, Ploy has never had companions, and to get such an endearing hello from odd elephants was so heart dissolving.

The visually impaired elephant comprehended that she at last is encircled by kind spirits, which are prepared to give her their solace and love.

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